Movie Review – Like Father

This week, you get a dual review! On our way to Tampa to visit family, we both watched Netflix’s new movie, “Like Father.” Featuring a killer cast, including Kristen Bell, Kelsey Grammer, and Seth Rogen, “Like Father” explores the story of workaholic Rachel, who is left at the altar on the same day her estranged father, Harry, decides to come back into her life. Drunkenly, they start to reconnect, and Rachel unintentionally invites Harry on her honeymoon, a cruise to the Caribbean.

Melissa’s Review

4 out of 5 stars

Although Rotten Tomatoes only gives the film a ~50%, I stand by my 80% review. Despite having some very dramatic moments, “Like Father” had me laughing out loud on our plane ride. Not only does the movie illustrate the importance of being present, it accurately depicts a father-daughter dynamic (even though this father and daughter pair are just meeting again after 25 years). Although the movie is a predictable, feel-good reunification story (and probably something I won’t watch again), it’s a movie I’ll look back on and remember laughing. I will also remember the incredible chemistry the actors, especially Bell and Grammer, had with one another. If you have Netflix, I recommend. It’s a fun and easy 1.5-hour watch!

Joey’s Review

4 out of 5 starts

This movie was exactly what I was hoping it would be; a little far-fetched, laugh out loud funny moments, and slightly corny self-realization story line. It was a great movie to watch on a flight when we didn’t feel like reading or napping that left me feeling satisfied about how I spent 90 minutes of my life. If you are looking to escape the heat this weekend without spending $50 at the movies, look no further!

Like Father

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