About Us

We are Melissa & Joey.

No, not from the hit ABC Family television show starring Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence. Although we wish we were famous kids from the 90s. Then, we wouldn’t even have to start this blog in hopes of it taking off so we could quit our jobs.

Instead, we are DINKs.

Yes, you heard us correctly. We are living that Dual Income No Kids lifestyle, and we love it most days. We started this blog in hopes of sharing some tricks and treats with you! We love a lot of average things: Exploring Houston, taking our dog to the park, grilling on our Big Green Egg, planning trips to see friends, Netflix and chilling, brunch, and being newlyweds.

Despite being pretty basic, we want to share some of our joy with you. From our favorite recipes to must read books, you will get a sense of our average DINK lives.

But don’t get too excited.

This is just a new hobby we’re trying out when convenient. Unless this thing takes off, and people start shipping free things to us (i.e. Big Green Egg accessories and rubs), we only plan to post when we can.

So who are we?


Meet Melissa.

Born and raised in Tampa, you can find me embracing the Texas heat. Our air conditioner never goes below 75 degrees because anything less is out of my comfort zone. I’ve never seen snow fall from the sky, but it’s not because I’m not adventurous. I have visited 10 countries and pride myself in being able to try anything once – especially when it comes to food. A large part of who I am is my adoption. It’s what made me want to work in the nonprofit sector. I am currently in fundraising and marketing for Arms Wide Adoption Services, an organization which places foster care children with adoptive families. Although most acquaintances know me for my caring spirit and can-do attitude, my close friends and family know me for snarky remarks and ability to tell you like it is.

My favorite things include: Snuggles with Regal, Netflix and HBO shows, hot yoga, reading, volunteering, and traveling.

Meet Joey.

“All Risks, this is Joe” is how you will know me if you call during the work week.  I work for a wholesale commercial insurance broker here in Texas and I know that just went over about 97% of your heads or you just stopped reading.  If you want to know more about what I do, stay tuned for future posts because it’s a pretty cool job but I won’t try to explain it here.  As someone who can only sit still for about an hour max before I get antsy, you will most likely to find me doing something that involves working with my hands and outdoors. On the weekends I will be up early to enjoy what I call my “me time” which involves drinking coffee on the couch while reading a book or watching TV while mentally planning out my day/how I can end up cooking on the Big Green Egg.  My closest friends know me as being ambitious, loyal and very sassy/snarky and I hope you get to experience some of that along this journey. Cheers!

My favorite things include: Being outdoors, smoking meats, working out, challenging myself, and watching sports.

Life is better together.

Yes, we really do have one of those fairy tale love stories you only see in movies. We met at a wedding of mutual friends. We were paired to walk down the aisle together, because they thought we’d be a great match. As it turns out, they were right. Next, we find out our grandmas are best friends back in the hometown we share, but we are a thousand miles away from there. <Insert fate-related sentence here.> It’s so cute. We know. Vomit away.

But as silly and cliché as it may sound, we really love each other. Some of our favorite times are spent sitting in our living room, arms touching enough to know the other is there, reading different books, and just enjoying the goodness in being together doing nothing. If you find someone you love doing nothing with, keep them forever


“Oh, if all I got is your hand in my hand; baby, I could die a happy man.”
– Thomas Rhett