Extra Treats


We have a lot of friends.

Yes, we are that obnoxious couple who had 24 members in their wedding party. Knowing that now, we know this won’t seem believable to you, but we’re actually not easy to become friends with. We’re outgoing introverts, so we’re not typically approachable to strangers. We rely on others to open up to us first, but once they do, and we know it’s coming from a good place, we’ll spill our guts. We only keep around friends who we know we don’t need to talk with all the time, but when we do get to connect, we pick up exactly where we left off. Once you’re in with us, you’re in. Until death does us part.

Here is where you will be able to find some extra tricks and treats offered by our wonderful and diverse group of friends and family members:

Van Life: What Our Friends Eat On The Road
No Landscaping Professionals Needed Here!
“Reverse, Reverse” ….. Reverse Seared Steaks