Maine Family Vacation 2018

A Post From Joey

Boothbay Harbor, Maine

This past June we took a trip with my sister and parents to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary, which was also Melissa’s first trip to Maine! You might be thinking, “How was Maine picked for the family trip?” Well, this is where my parents went on their honeymoon and a place that our family would vacation to growing up, so it’s a special getaway for my family. Being from Florida, and now living in Texas, escaping to the northeast during the summer is also a very nice change in weather considering temperatures were knocking on the door at 100 degrees the day we left.

When we go to Maine, we typically stay in the Boothbay Harbor area. While we are there, we each have our favorite places and activities to explore, as well as adding new adventures to our memories. I decided to keep this simple and make a quick list of my  activities and places we ate at on this trip in hopes this could be a rough road map for anyone who might take the same adventure. Enjoy!


Favorite Excursions/Activities

Favorite Eats & Treats

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Meet Joey

13239159_10154231323986289_8593389871700676034_n“All Risks, this is Joe” is how you will know me if you call during the work week.  I work for a wholesale commercial insurance broker here in Texas and I know that just went over about 97% of your heads or you just stopped reading.  If you want to know more about what I do, stay tuned for future posts because it’s a pretty cool job but I won’t try to explain it here.  As someone who can only sit still for about an hour max before I get antsy, you will most likely to find me doing something that involves working with my hands and outdoors. On the weekends I will be up early to enjoy what I call my “me time” which involves drinking coffee on the couch while reading a book or watching TV while mentally planning out my day/how I can end up cooking on the Big Green Egg.  My closest friends know me as being ambitious, loyal and very sassy/snarky, and I hope you get to experience some of that along this journey. Learn more about Joey here.

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