Our Dog Thinks He’s Human

Now that we’ve introduced you to Regal a little bit, we can talk about why he thinks he’s a human. We typically compare him to a toddler. So, yes, he is our furchild. Get over it. It’s a DINK way of life. Either way, we promise you’ll get a kick out of these photos, which best depict it all.

1. He uses pillows like a human.

Whether it’s on the couch or in our bed, you can find his head resting on a pillow (when he’s not sitting like a human – See #2).

2. He sits like a human.

The pictures will speak for themselves, but we wanted to tell you how great of a road trip companion Regal is! On long trips, he will typically lay down and go to sleep, but on short trips, he sits up like a human in the back seat. You can also sometimes find him watching the television.

3. When we go to the dog park, he greets all the humans.

Regal absolutely loves going to the dog park. He will wear himself out on the car ride over from excitement. But when we get there, he could care less about the dogs. At the dog park, he gets to interact with his kind, the humans. He puts on his biggest smile, and trots up to every human he sees. Most of them reinforce his behavior and give him pets, so we don’t blame him for caring less about the dogs. We think if Regal could describe the dog park in 10 words or less he would say, “It’s for playing with my humans and meeting new ones.”

Regal at the dog park – as far away from other dogs as possible.

4. When he’s scared, he hides.

Just as a toddler would hide under their comforter, Regal hides under the bed. He thinks if you can’t see him, he’s safe. His other favorite hiding spot is the bathtub, in which he scares many of our house guests!

5. He doesn’t like to eat his vegetables.

We have saved the best reasoning for last! This is probably our favorite story of Regal, because it’s how we can best show you his human qualities. While grilling bone-in steaks on the Big Green Egg and roast some broccoli in the oven. When we sat down for dinner, we tossed Regal a few fatty pieces from the steak. When we tried to slip in a piece of broccoli, Regal spit it out, and growled at us. (Spoiled brat, we know.) Melissa scolded him, “You can’t have any more steak until you eat that broccoli.” Regal shoulders slumped, his tail tucked between his legs, and he retreated to the bathtub. He didn’t reappear until dinner was done and cleaned up. It definitely felt like we were dealing with a toddler!

What do you think? Dog or human?


We don’t care either way! I mean how could you not love this sweet face? Even it reflects dissociative identity disorder?

I’m sure this won’t be our only post on this topic, but we’re glad we could give you at least five reasons how Regal has taken on human-like qualities.

What does your dog do that makes you question his or her species?

Let us know!


2 thoughts on “Our Dog Thinks He’s Human”

  1. This is so great! Regal is such a handsome guy, I especially love how he sits and hides in the tub😁


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